About the PNDA
The Psychology and Neuroscience Departmental Association (PNDA) is the established Departmental Student Association (DSA) for the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto Scarborough. As the official DSA for the Department of Psychology, PNDA represents all undergraduate students enrolled in Psychology and Neuroscience programs. The Department of Life Sciences has split into two departments, one for Psychology and one for Biological Sciences. The Department of Psychology includes all Mental Health, Neuroscience, Psychology, and their respective co-op programs.
As a student organization, PNDA aims to help students voice their opinions and concerns; acting as the connection between students, faculty members, the Department of Psychology, and other outside organizations. PNDA will provide its students with academic and social events throughout the year with the aims of bringing students together, exploring different ideas and interests, and educating students about career and research opportunities.
Our Constitution
Interested in learning more about our mission and values? Check out our constitution for more information on our mandate and policies.
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Our Guidebook
We at the PNDA want you to get the most out of your degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, or Mental Health Studies and so we have developed this guidebook! We have created this guidebook to provide you with more information about our faculty and department as well as the resources and services UTSC has to offer. 
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